Intelligent data management

Do your users struggle to access their archived data?

ShareArchiver’s comprehensive data management solution enables all users to access their archived data. Unlike other archiving solutions we enable users across your organisation to locate and retrieve their own archived data, using the latest data management technology to maximise your organisation’s productivity.

The data management software we offer allows users across your organisation to seamlessly restore data by clicking on tiny stubs in place of archived files. Users are able to search and browse the data repository in-line with LDAP security permissions. They have access to the repository and can search the archive themselves. The advantage is that all users can self-serve when locating important files – meaning System Administrators aren’t needed to assist with retrieval of archived data. This frees your team up to work on other tasks. Our file and data management platform doesn’t simply move data from one storage tier to another. It offers rich features to manage your data, E-discovery tasks and data retrieval and restoration.

ShareArchiver data management software offers the following features:

Storage management

  Defer or eliminate the need to upgrade storage infrastructure

  Move aged data to cheaper/tiered storage

  Flexible archive policies and file stubbing leaves transparent stubs enabling access for end users


  Never lose another file!

  Intuitive file search using file properties and file content regardless of language

  Users can search through the archive using pass through authentication

  Integrates well into Active Directory users and groups & leverages existing security controls and permissions

Secure file sharing

  Integrated file sharing, easy to use & secure

  Simple browser-based file selection

  Leverage existing AD permissions

  Acts as a secure layer between file shares and users

Data analytics

  Analyse your data prior to archiving and understand data volume by size, type or age of data

  View the data in age brackets

  Use custom queries, analyse data presented in graphical form – slice and dice your data to your heart’s desire!

Low administration costs

  Self managing solution requires no IT administration, once set-up it will manage your storage autonomously

  Lowers backup and storage related administration costs

Web document viewer

  Eliminates the need to restore archived documents in order to view – eliminating need for duplicate copies to exist on network

  Increases security around your corporate data and manages storage resources efficiently

  View, print and share documents straight from the archive or file server.

Data security

  Leverage existing permissions on your file servers

  User and group-level permissions are automatically replicated in real time

  Users can only search, browse and share data they have LDAP permissions to access

  Use ShareArchiver to browse file servers and access content remotely using a browser

SIS and document visioning

  Fully supported document visioning

  Each document version can be easily restored by a single click

  Duplicate data is single instanced and stored only once saving on storage costs without compromising data integrity and access

Media streaming

  Archived media content can be streamed through the browser

  Eliminates the need to restore – reducing duplication of data

  Data is readily available through the browser – boosting network performance.

Mini FAQ

What is data archiving?
Data archiving is the process of moving data to another location or site for safe keeping and easy retrieval or recall.

Why should you implement a data archiving / data management solution?
There are many challenges with regards to data management: the time it takes to backup, data discovery, security and compliance and data sharing. A good archive solution will address those challenges head on.

How does file archiving work?
Once deployed, you simply enter the network file share path and select a policy you have define to start archiving. No software or agent to deploy anywhere!

What if I am concerned about the user training and solution deployment?
ShareArchiver is an easy solution to deploy and requires zero training for end users. It’s seamless and sits in the background.