NEW! Scan and print material archiving features launched

ShareArchiver’s comprehensive archiving solution now offers features for managing your printed and scanned materials. We’ve created this solution after finding a number of our clients were storing print data as paper copies. There are many drawbacks to storing large quantities of paper. Print material archiving occupies a lot of space and takes time to organize.

Is tape reliable?

Storage tape is notoriously vulnerable to damage both accidental and deliberate. Tape is susceptible to all kinds of harm and wear and tear from various environmental factors as well as accidents. Your standard digital tape usually has a lifespan of about a decade or two depending on well it’s cared for. However what many tape users

Why user adoption is key to Sharepoint’s success in your organization

According to AIIM (the Association for Information and Image Management) at least 70% of organizations have deployed SharePoint in some shape or form in the last few years. The proliferation of Microsoft’s SharePoint software reflects how useful this file sharing and social collaboration tool can be to companies of all sizes. SharePoint has the ability

File archiving growth predictions

Forrester estimates that the volume of data that businesses store is growing by up to 50% per year. It’s thought that by 2020, businesses globally will be producing 50 times as much data as they are today. What does this mean for your file archiving solution? And more importantly – what does it mean for

Email archiving solutions: advice on legal requirements

Don’t forget that your business is legally obligated to retain copies of both internal and external emails and present your records if requested. That’s a pretty tall order when you consider the huge volumes of email that modern offices produce. But whilst it’s a burden having to store the email archive, retrieving the data when

Do you know what data you are storing?

“What can’t be measured, can’t be managed.” Peter Drucker, Management Consultant One problem we frequently encounter when talking to new clients about their file and email archiving solution is that they don’t know exactly what data they are storing. If you don’t know what data you’ve got, how can you manage it? In most businesses

Why findability is the key to a successful file archiving solution

If you can’t find your data then your file archiving solution isn’t working! When new clients come to us, we usually find that their number one file archiving complaint is how hard it is to locate the data they’ve archived. Like many businesses they’ll generally be using tape to store their data. This isn’t a very

The Danger of Deploying a File Archive Without E – Discovery

Network File shares are being used by most of the enterprises today because of its feasibility in collaborating and sharing data with users locally. It’s ease of use and wide use and support. However, there are some weaknesses of using file shares e.g. there is no single instancing, e-discovery or other data management features. Most of the organizations

Introduce User Self-Reliance With a File Archiving Solution

Opting for a data archiving solution can seem a daunting prospect for businesses that are not well- informed about its benefits. Convincing the end user base though, is tougher. This is because the users are more hesitant to change their traditional ways of computing. In their minds, data archiving represents some new-fangled challenges that need to be surmounted.

5 Essential Features in a File Archiving Solution

File archiving solutions are the IT equivalent of life savers. Their importance cannot be denied or overlooked. No one knows for sure when your storage can fail or you hardware suffers an early death. But thanks to modern data archiving software solutions, getting back important data from the dead is no more the stuff of science fiction. Managing

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