7 Reasons You Should Archive Your Company’s Data Now

7 Reasons You Should Archive Your Company's Data Now

There are many reasons to archive data, but mostly it comes down to aligning data preservation with other company goals such as keeping cost structures low and system performance high. While there are a variety of ways to archive older, unused data some are better than others. Solutions offering seamless data access and central policy management which requires no end-user downloads are among the top considerations for most companies.

Here are 7 reasons you should archive your company’s data now.

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5 File Archiving Tips That Can Save You Thousands

5 File Archiving Tips That Can Save Your Company Thousands

Archiving your data can feel like a daunting task, especially the more data you have to manage. If you have been paying an ever-increasing amount of money to store and manage your data or suffering from long and cumbersome data backups, you should consider archiving your data. A quick audit of your data will show you how much of it you actually use, and how much is not even touched. Typically, this is anywhere from 60-80% of our data.

Here are 5 file archiving tips you can use to save time and money as you move through the process.

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