NEW! Scan and print material archiving features launched

ShareArchiver’s comprehensive archiving solution now offers features for managing your printed and scanned materials.

We’ve created this solution after finding a number of our clients were storing print data as paper copies. There are many drawbacks to storing large quantities of paper. Print material archiving occupies a lot of space and takes time to organize. We found many of our clients didn’t allow all their staff members access to the data storage facility, which meant it was hard for everyone to retrieve their data from the archive. Even with the best filing system, retrieving any stored document took time and hence cost.

We also found that for some of our clients print material archiving was a pressing health and safety issue. Archiving staff were lifting heavy bulky storage boxes and risking backache. There were also concerns that having so much dry paper on the premises was a potential fire hazard. And it wasn’t a safe or secure storage method for valuable data: print copies are always vulnerable to fire or water damage, and physical copies deteriorate over time.

That’s why we came up with a solution for better storage of archived printed and scanned materials. With our solution, users can print to paper and simultaneously archive the printed document to the digital archive. All printed documents are indexed to support keyword search. Users can scan a file to folder or disk and our software will automatically move the file to the digital archive. The user can then tag the file and they or a colleague can search for or retrieve it when they need to.

The main advantage for most of our clients was the time saving: data is much easier to retrieve using our data retrieval features. The need for manual processing and archiving is eliminated because new print or scanned materials are automatically archived. Because we offer tagging of archived printed and scanned materials files, retrieval is instantaneous. Users can choose their own keywords, making data easy to find and access. Users don’t even need to be trained and our search features and E-discovery means no-one needs to understand the filing system. With ShareArchiver, users can access their own data without needing a key to the filing room.

Please contact us today to find out how we can improve the way your company stores its printed and scanned materials. We can save your business time and money through better print material archiving practices.