Data Storage Management

Managing your data has never been easier. ShareArchiver’s holistic data storage management solution lets you manage data from a central data repository, define filtering and migration policies to move data quickly, and even pre-schedule data archival processes for improved productivity

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Multi-Site File Archiving

Do you have data spread across the globe, on multiple file servers? With ShareArchiver, you can retain data across multiple servers at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage. Our file archiving solution simplifies disaster recovery using global de-duplication and efficient data archiving processes

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Robust e-Discovery Tools

Locate data quickly with ShareArchiver’s built-in e-Discovery tools. Our intuitive full-text search interface enables customized searches based on a variety of criteria, is easily accessible through single sign-on, and uses secure indexing for quick data searches from anywhere, any time.

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Seamless User Access

ShareArchiver offers seamless integration for users. Archived files are replaced with integrated stubs for seamless data access, Sharearchiver also makes it easy for users to login using LDAP credentials and locate their files quickly and easily. All files remain in their original format and can be downloaded and opened using default application.

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Complete Analytics

Get control of your data with ShareArchiver’s integrated analytics engine. View files by name, server, owner, size, type, and more for instant data analysis. Our reporting tools and custom queries help you understand data patterns and simplify the implementation of effective archive policies.

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Backup Optimization

Shorten backup and restore times with ShareArchiver. One of the major challenges of disaster recovery and migrating or restoring data is high data volumes. Our software enables policy based archival of data with zero user impact. The net result is less data and an optimized backup process

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The Difference between File Archiving and Data Backup

File archiving and data backup are often used interchangeably, but they are quite different.

Data backup is the process of saving active files, which may be used to restore data that is lost, corrupted, or destroyed. This is best when serving short term recovery and is not a good option for longer term data preservation. It lacks rich functionality like e-Discovery, granular restoration, and storage management features.

File archiving is the process of migrating aged data that is not business critical but still needs to be retained for business importance, such as legal, insurance, CAD files and other business important documents. It is often made accessible on a separate storage device or in the cloud and is therefore much less expensive than active file storage.

ShareArchiver’s holistic file archiving solution moves stale data to more cost-effective storage, and although is not a replacement for backups, it does complement and optimize existing backup/restore and disaster recovery processes without any user impact.

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